WHAT IS “sense of Place”

when our HYPER-MOBILITY takes US everywhere?



After the real estate melt-down we asked ourselves:  “Can a half century of cheap fossil fuels that enabled ‘Anywhere USA’(car-dependent, homogenized, corporate-branded landscape) be sustained?”  Archimedes-Investors.com  was originally formed to leverage the role of venture capital investors and game-changing entrepreneurs to benefit local communities.  We saw that mixed-use urbanism, delicious local food, classic architecture, and cosmopolitan vitality not only defined good living in the past, but remains the ticket to sustainable environment, investor profit, and municipal benefit today.



One of the great 21st Century lessons we are learning is that individual actions affect global environment, and are not just for individual or social needs. We can’t separate our everyday life from Nature any more than we can separate ourselves from the buildings and places we create.  They tell who we are, who we were, and who we will be, taking us way beyond zoning codes, site plans, or construction job specs.